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Eco-safaris in Africa

What is an eco-safari?

Eco-safaris are safari tours which aim to minimize your carbon footprint while on safari in Africa. From setting you up in environmentally conscious safari lodges and hotels to including wildlife conservation and community upliftment activities to your itinerary, we do our utmost best to make sure that your trip will make a positive impact on Africa.

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We support environmental tours

Jumbari supports environmental tours that educate future generations on conservation and sustainability.

We support sustainable properties

Our preferred lodges and hotels provide eco-friendly amenities that have a limited impact on their direct environment.

We support cultural tours

Jumbari supports cultural tours to build cultural awareness and respect for others.

We support social development

All our guides are citizens of the country you are traveling to and our preferred lodges employ and uplift members of the local community.

We care about the environment

Jumbari has partnered with a non-profit organisation that plants trees for forest restoration and urban greening projects. Clients can fund a tree which will be planted in one of the forest restoration projects.

We run a sustainable office

Jumbari runs a paperless office with an in-house recycling system. We hire local staff and train our employees locally.

Our aim

Ensuring that our clients travel with a purpose is of utmost importance to Jumbari Family Safaris. Our tailor-made eco-safaris focus on supporting responsible tourism practices that connect our clients to Africa without putting strain on the natural resources or wildlife of the country. Our team also makes a conscious effort to set you up in our preferred eco-friendly lodges and hotels that are not only family-friendly, but also encourage their guests to partake in wildlife conservation programmes, sustainable development, community involvement and philanthropic efforts.


Wildlife conservation

Africa’s unparalleled natural landscapes and legendary wildlife have attracted adventurous travelers for centuries. Our aim is to ensure that our clients contribute to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife, environment and local people. We believe that preserving the continents delicate ecosystems and wildlife is a joint effort which should be practiced by both locals and international travelers. Our eco-safari itineraries promote lodges who actively partake in wildlife conservation through the establishment of their own conservation training programmes or anti-poaching units.


Environmental awareness

Preserving Africa’s natural resources is imperative to Jumbari Family Safaris. Our eco-safaris support lodges who have progressed to using environmentally friendly amenities in their rooms, have implemented energy and water saving systems on the property and recycle all their waste. Jumbari chooses eco-sensitive properties that have a limited impact on their direct environment and encourage guests to be aware of their consumption of natural resources.


Community upliftment

Traveling to Africa’s remote destinations with your family can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s important to keep in mind that most safaris take place in some of the least developed nations in the world. Jumbari supports safari lodges and hotels that empower local communities through job creation and training programmes, philanthropic efforts and connect our guests with Africa’ diverse cultures.


Junior Rangers Programme

Jumbari Family Safaris strongly believe in passing on our knowledge to younger generations and educating them on the importance of preserving our environment. We recommend lodges that engage our youngest clients through educational Junior Ranger Programmes giving them a greater understanding of conservation and the ecosystem through interactive activities.


Green Travel

To support green travel in Africa, Jumbari has collaborated with Greenpop. True to our ethos of pioneering sustainable, green travel holidays for families to Africa, we have partnered with a leading not-for-profit organisation that puts trees and the environment at the forefront of their endevours. Greenpop has planted over 132,000 trees across South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. From as little as $8 for a single donation, Greenpop will plant a tree in one of their forest restoration projects in the name of our client. You will receive a personalised digital TREE CERTIFICATE as well as GPS coordinates of where your trees have been planted.


Our eco-safari grading system

Jumbari Family Safaris has graded the properties from one to three based on the responsible tourism policy. One being the lowest to three being the properties that are highly sustainable. A lot of time and effort has gone into sourcing you the very best in eco friendly / responsible / sustainable properties while you are on holiday in Africa.


Our Affiliates in eco-tourism

Jumbari Family Safaris is affiliated with Responsible Tourism Cape Town to ensure we are a truly responsible tourism company.

The properties that we have partnered with follow responsible tourism policies and are affiliated with environmental grading systems and causes such as:

  • Heritage Environmental Management Company – an environmental rating initiative for the hospitality industry in South Africa
  • EarthCheck Programme – the world’s most credible environmental benchmarking and certification programme for the travel and tourism industry
  • Green Key Global – an environmental grading system for establishments that meet a high standard of environmental requirements
  • Pack for a Purpose – an organization that encourages travelers to pack supplies to donate community projects around the world.
  • Biodiversity and Wine Initiative – promotes conservation of biodiversity by providing advisory extension support for the wine industry
  • Fair Trade Tourism – a non profit organization promoting the best-practice responsible tourism in Africa
  • ISO 14001 certified – provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to manage their environmental responsibilities

Our Eco-Safari Trips

Jumbari Family Safaris is honored to have won Eluxe Magazine’s Best Ethical Travel Experience for 2019. The world’s first ever publication dedicated fully to sustainable luxury, Eluxe Magazine showcases brands that demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability. Read about our win here.

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