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Responsible family safaris in Africa

Why choose Africa for your responsible family safari?

Africa is a continent of exotic locations, diverse cultures, epic wildlife and action-packed experiences. An enormous outdoor classroom, Africa is truly an enriching travel destination and engaging teachable moments are abound everywhere. Jumbari Family Safaris has researched, explored and selected world-class lodges in malaria-free destinations that offer fun-filled experiences for the entire family. With professional child-minding services, Junior Ranger Programmes, shorter game drives for the little ones and engaging kid-friendly activities, families can now enjoy hassle-free safaris that meet and exceed your family’s expectations when traveling with Jumbari.

1. Multigenerational Family Safaris

A responsible family safari offers you a unique opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime. Planning a safari for the entire family does come with a few challenges. Jumbari caters to families in every sense of the word, whether you’re traveling as a solo parent or with your extended family, our life-changing trips keep each member of the family engaged – whether you are a youngster or a grandparent.


2. Family Safari Operations

Jumbari’s expert travel consultants keep your family’s needs in mind each step of the way. From ensuring that your family is picked up in a private transfer vehicle that fits the entire family and child-conscious travel times, to professional child-minding services and engaging gifts for kids on the go – we have thought of everything to make your trip as seamless as possible.


3. Family-friendly hotels and lodges

Africa offers spectacular family safaris in several countries from the South to the East and everywhere in between. With so many destinations, lodges and experiences to choose from, we understand that it can be slightly daunting to plan your family safari trip. At Jumbari, we choose to work with hotels and lodges that celebrate family travel and offer onsite entertainment areas, baby-sitting services, family rooms and villas.

Our preferred lodges are located in malaria-free destinations and offer a variety of experiences to keep your little ones entertained on safari. Activities ranges from Junior Rangers Programmes that teach them about caring for the environment to fun-filled outdoor treasure hunts, engaging educational activities and kiddie-friendly game drives. Traveling with teens? Jumbari will design your trip with them in mind, from overnight sleepouts in the African bush to educational walking safaris.


4. Responsible family safaris

Traveling with a purpose is of utmost importance to Jumbari Family Safaris. We specialize in experiential travel that leaves a light footprint, using environmentally sensitive properties that give their guests the opportunity to connect with local communities, learn and partake in wildlife conservation, support philanthropic efforts and create a positive impact on Africa. We go above and beyond to book eco-design lodges for our clients which thread lightly on the earth’s natural resources. We prefer lodges that are energy wise, implement waste management systems, use water saving tactics and contribute to their local communities and environment. For the little ones, our trips include lodges which teach them about wildlife conservation as well as caring for the environment and others.


Our Top Family Safari Trips

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