Safari Payment Plan | Jumbari Family Safaris

Introducing our Interest-Free Safari Payment Plan for your dream African holiday

It’s no secret that an African family safari doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. That’s why Jumbari Family Safaris has created a simple solution – an interest-free safari payment plan which makes it possible for you to pay-off your dream family holiday in monthly installments.


Safe and Simple

Secure your vacation through our secure platform.

Monthly Installments

Pay-off your dream family safari in monthly installments.


You will never be charged more than what you set out to pay.

Jumbari strives to make Africa more accessible to family travelers. The payment plan makes traveling all the more affordable and we hope it will encourage families to discover Africa’s unique destinations in 2020.


How does it work?

Our Safari Payment Plan is an automated, safe and secure platform that allows you to pay for your travel experience in monthly installments prior to your departure. What makes the Safari Payment Plan all the more appealing is that it is interest-free!


Interest-Free! Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible! The Safari Payment Plan allows you to secure your vacation without having to pay the full amount upfront. You will never be charged more than what you set out to pay.


I’m ready to book my dream holiday. Where do I start?

You can opt for our Safari Payment Plan when you book a safari with Jumbari Family Safaris. After a simple down payment, your payment plan will be activated. From here, you will pay off your trip with automated monthly installments and track your progress through the handy online dashboard. We accept online credit cards which include a 2.5% service charge.


What if I am traveling in a group? Can we split the payment?

Our Safari Payment Plans offers a Split Payment option – perfect for groups and multigenerational families traveling to Africa This allows fellow travelers to split the cost of the safari with ease using the online platform.


Get in touch with expert consultants at Jumbari Family Safaris or download our info-pack to find out how you can set up your Interest-Free Safari Payment Plan and make your African safari dreams a reality today.