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Family Safaris in Kenya

The land of the Maasai


Great Migration, Amboseli National Park & Maasai Mara, Mount Kilimanjaro

When to Go

January to February

Best paired with:

Tanzania, Zanzibar

Family Safari Holiday in Kenya

A family safari in Kenya promises a memorable adventure for kids and parents alike. Meet the Maasai people, who lend their name to one of the world’s greatest game reserves, the legendary Maasai Mara. Marvel at the jumping warrior dance of the Maasai warriors and follow your feet to one of the country’s iconic reserves where you can spot the Big 5 against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. Surpassing all else is the opportunity to encounter the whirling thunder of hooves as the Great Migration takes off into the sunset.

Kenya Tours & Trips

Why Visit Kenya

Kenya’s cultural and natural beauty is no stranger to the world’s stage. Our trips include a plethora of wildlife experiences that can be explored across the country, but the rare encounter of a black rhino is characteristic of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy plays host to the endangered black rhino as well as other rarities including the endangered Grevy zebra and the sitatunga. Experience a unique wildlife safari from the comfort of an open-air 4X4 safari vehicle or make yourself at home as you stroll through the African plains of the Lewa Conservancy.

The Chyulu Hills boast an incredibly unique topography. An ancient volcanic environment can be explored by booking a tour through the prehistoric lava tubes, concluding in the dramatic world-class view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

End your Kenyan expedition by stopping off at one of the rustic beaches, where the wind fills your sails and the fishermen reel you in for a maritime parade. Sink your toes into the white sand and soak in the rays of a tropical sun on Kenya’s coastline.

Book your family safari to Kenya

Our family-friendly itineraries can be designed to meet your every desire. Jomo Kenyatta International is the global entrance to East Africa and the starting point to your East Africa safari experience. Download our country guides and begin planning your wildlife adventure today.


Great Wildebeest Migration

Witness one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the annual Great Wildebeest Migration.

Amboseli National Park & Maasai Mara

Encounter some of the greatest game viewing offered in the world at Amboseli National Park and the Maasai Mara.

Maasai Warriors

Marvel at the iconic jumping warrior dance of the Maasai warriors.


Dig your toes into the soft white sand of Kenya’s boundless coastline, and let the wind sweep you across the azure ocean on either boat or board.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Witness the unmistakable landscape shadowed by Mount Kilimanjaro, the backdrop of your family safari.

When To Go?

Best time to go

January to February sets a vivid green backdrop to your safari in Kenya, wildlife is plentiful with the young always hot-on-the heels of their parents, while migratory birds can be spotted winging through the sky.

High Season

Popular months of January and February, as well as June to November, allow for great game viewing opportunities and beautiful weather, but there is a high risk of crowding at favored parks and camps.

Low Season

From March to May accommodation is limited with camps and lodges closing shop due to wet weather. Book in advance to make the most of the quieter parks.

Best Weather

The bush is less dense in the dry months between June and October, offering a better view of wildlife and an opportunity to see the wildebeest migration.


Will you see the Big 5?

If sighting each of the Big 5 is what you’re after, Kenya is a great bet.

What is regularly seen?

Elephant and Buffalo meander through expansive park grounds and lion prides escape the afternoon sun by lazing in the shade of acacias. Turn your gaze to the branches of trees if you in search of the elusive leopard.

When will you get the best wildlife experience?

You could strike gold if your Kenyan adventure lands itself between June and October, where a medley of wildlife hovers around their favorite watering holes.

Country Information


The capital, Nairobi, is home to the world’s only game reserve sitting in the hub of a major city, The Nairobi National Park.


You’ll be paying in Kenyan shillings and cents.


Your Kenyan safari experience will begin on touch down at Jomo Kenyatta International on the outskirts of Nairobi, or Moi International on the western edge of Mombasa.

Health & Safety

Malaria and Yellow Fever vaccinations are advisable through your local travel clinics.