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Family Holidays in Zanzibar

The Spice Island


Marine safari, Stone Town, Spice Plantation, beaches

When to Go

June to October

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Tanzania, Kenya

Family Vacations in Zanzibar

The tropical island of Zanzibar offers the perfect beach addition to your East Africa family safari. Protected swimming beaches, rich cultural history, local food delights, and vibrant people are all woven into the tapestry that is the colorful island of Zanzibar. A Zanzibar family holiday involves activity-filled beach days, ocean safaris, spice garden visits and historical tours of Stone Town. Whether you are solely traveling to Zanzibar for an island getaway with your family, or as an addition to your East Africa safari, Zanzibar invites you to create unique memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Zanzibar Tours & Trips

Why Visit Zanzibar

A cultural experience for the whole family

A Zanzibar family holiday offers you and your little ones to become familiar with the rich culture of the island. Discover the history of Zanzibar on a guided tour through Stone Town and sample the island’s delicious flavours at the vibrant night markets. Though food can be exotic, more familiar options, like hamburgers and pasta, are readily available for your little ones.

Family-friendly resorts and hotels

An ideal family destination, the Zanzibar archipelago offers hotels and resorts that cater specifically for families traveling with kids. You’ll find most family-friendly accommodation options  on the main Zanzibar Island, Unguja. From large family suites, private bungalows and villas, to supervised children activities and children’s clubs, these resorts are dedicated to keeping little ones entertained and parents relaxed.

An array of island activities

Zanzibar’s tropical climate and great weather mean activities galore; taking a trip to the Spice Plantations and enjoy an array of water activities from marine safaris to sunset dhow cruises along the coast. A highlight for your little ones will be visiting the resident giant tortoises on Changuu Island – a short boat ride from Stone Town.

The perfect addition to an East Africa Safari

Combining your East Africa safari with a Zanzibar beach experience to end off your trip is the perfect balance for a family holiday. Zanzibar is easily accessible from Tanzania via a short 20-minute flight from Dar Es Salaam.

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Marine Safari

Scuba dive and snorkel to discover magnificent and rare marine life.

Leisure Time

Relaxing beach days.

Stone Town

Experience the vibrancy of Stone Town’s markets

Spice Plantation Tour

Take a tour to the Spice Plantation to discover the history behind ‘the spice island’.

When To Go?

Best time to go

Zanzibar has a tropical climate, meaning you can expect hot and humid weather throughout the year. The rainy season falls from March to May, with a secondary rainy season in November. The long dry season, when rainfall is fairly unusual, lasts throughout June, July, August, September and October. Temperatures vary hugely with altitude and location, but it’s usually clear skies and sunny weather – a great time to visit Zanzibar. If you’re a fan of diving, a visit here is a must and diving is possible all year round.

High Season

High season is from July to August, as well as from December to February over the festive period where you can expect hotel rates to increase.

Low Season

March to May is the island’s rainy season and some hotels close while others offer discount rates.

Best Weather

June to October offers the warm weather with little rainfall.


Will you see the Big 5?

You won’t find the Big 5 here, but the rare and prolific marine life will make up for that. Introduce your kids to Africa’s big game by extending your Zanzibar trip with a safari experience in Tanzania.

What is regularly seen?

The aquatic species regularly seen are moray eels, octopus, various fish, coral reef ecosystems, manta rays, and even the endangered Green turtle. If you’re lucky and are a diving or snorkeling fan, maybe you’ll be able to tick swimming with dolphins off your bucket list whilst here too.

When will you get the best wildlife experience?

Diving is possible all year round and the water is always warm, but high season is from June to October, when the weather is at its best in Zanzibar.

Country Information


The capital is Zanzibar City located on the island of Unguja.


The Tanzanian Shilling is the local currency. A large majority of shops and restaurants don’t take credit cards so make sure you have cash. Although, most hotels and tour operators will accept MasterCard and Visa.


Abeid Amani Karume International Airport is the main airport where you’ll touchdown and is located on Unguja Island. It’s only about 3 miles south of Zanzibar City, the capital.

Health & Safety

All visitors to Zanzibar must consult their travel doctor before traveling, regarding malaria risk and whether you’ll need anti-malaria medication. Upon entry to Tanzania, you also require a Yellow Fever vaccination. When passing through any of the endemic yellow fever zones and to get in or out of the country’s airport, travelers will need to show a yellow fever certificate.