Morocco Family Adventure Holidays | Jumbari Family Safaris

An exciting destination for adventurous families with older children, Morocco is a vibrant and enchanting country offering a diverse range of landscapes and a feast for the senses. Camel trek through the Sahara desert, walk in the Atlas Mountains, visit old ports and culturally-rich coastal destinations and wind through colourful souks and bustling alleyways in ancient city medinas. Morocco is also home to a number of unique ecosystems with animal species like the Barbary macaque.

As weather can get uncomfortably hot, the best time to travel to Morocco is between February to May and September to December. The more pleasant weather is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and desert safaris, and exploring the country’s unique cities.

Our recommended activities in Morocco:
* Experience sunrise over Morocco from a hot air balloon.
* Head into the desert for camel trekking.
* Eat at one of Marrakesh’s many exceptional restaurants.