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5 Eco-friendly travel gifts by Jumbari Family Safaris

Jumbari Family Safaris’ encompass and support responsible tourism in every aspect, including our customized eco-friendly travel gifts given to families traveling with us. Our curated gifting collection is made from sustainable woods, recycled materials, environmentally-friendly cotton, reduced carbon emission products, and innovative responsible design at the hands of local businesses in South Africa. 

From wine bags to tote bags, pens to puzzles, read about the 5 eco-friendly travel gifts we supply our clients with and the sustainable materials used to create our gifting collection. Jumbari Family Safaris has sourced all of its gifting through leading eco-gift manufacturers and providers in South Africa that are passionate about stimulating the local industry. In supporting these business, Jumbari Family Safaris further supports Community Employment Programs – organisations with the aim to equip individuals with skills and employment opportunities throughout the country.

We highlight where our products come from, what they are made from and how your family is contributing to responsible tourism when traveling with Jumbari Family Safaris. Our eco-friendly travel gift collection includes the following sustainably made products:  

Jumbari Family Safaris pine wood puzzle

1. Lightweight bottles for our Tread Lightly Wine


What it’s made from:  PET lightweight soft bottle material – By using this innovative lightweight bottle design, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 55% compared to the manufacturing of glass bottles. 

Where it’s made: Backsberg Wine Farm. Local employees of Backsberg are responsible for growing and crafting these delicate, aromatic wines and Mondi. Mondi is a global leader in innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions. Their collaborative approach with customers works to create tailor-made packaging solutions that are sustainable by design.

Why we support it: Tread Lightly by Backsberg is the first certified wine sold in the new, innovative PET soft bottle produced by Mondi. 

Jumbari Family Safaris Tread Lightly Pinotage

2. Recycled and biodegradable wine tags

What it’s made from: Recycled, biodegradable and renewable content.

Why we support it: The content used in the wine tags tell a story of their origin and the possibility of a sustainable future. The composting of biodegradable products can turn trash into rich organic material, which can improve water and nutrient retention and help grow healthier plants with less need for chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Jumbari Family Safaris biodegradable wine tags

3. Key rings and puzzles

What it’s made from: Pine wood, a fast-growing species of tree making them a replaceable and renewable wood option. 

Why we support it: Sustainable wood is important as it comes from sustainably managed forests that are renewable and prevent damage to ecosystems, wildlife and the trees themselves. 

Jumbari Family Safaris pine wood key ring and puzzle

4. Natural cotton bags

What it’s made from: All our bags are made using 100% natural cotton using non-genetically modified seeds. 

Why we support it: Cotton is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable throughout its entire product life cycle, making it an excellent environmentally friendly material. By eliminating the use of pesticides, nitrogen emissions into the atmosphere are reduced by 94%. In addition to the environmental benefits, natural cotton provides a healthy working environment for the workers and small scale farmers. The cotton is also softer and safer for the skin and labour laws against child employment and forced labour are  properly followed.

Jumbari Family Safaris cotton canvas bags

5. Books and pens

What it’s made from: Our books are made from recycled paper and our pens are made using recycled processed wood. 

Why we support it: The use of recycled paper and already processed wood aid in the effort to halt deforestation and reduce the demand for new wood. 

Jumbari Family Safaris recycled note pad and pen

The Jumbari Family Safari gifting collection is available for all families travelling with us. Our hope is that these products assist in educating families on the endless possibilities of recycled materials, halt deforestation, promote sustainable practices and drive positive economic and social impact on people and communities of South Africa.