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May 21, 2019
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Our Top 5 Recommended Eco-Lodges in Southern Africa

Terrace at Tswalu Tarkuni Lodge

We bring you our list of Southern Africa’s top eco-lodges for your next family safari in Africa. With our commitment to support only eco-conscious partners in the travel industry, each lodge on our list adheres to strict criteria to ensure that we bring you the best accommodation options for your eco-safari.

1. Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa

Located in the northern reaches of South Africa, in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, lies Tswalu Kalahari. This luxury lodge makes its way onto our list of Southern Africa’s top eco-lodges for their commitment to sustainable eco-tourism practices and the conservation of the Kalahari. The property boasts two secluded camps, The Motse and Tarkuni, are both built from organic materials without compromising on luxury. In support of ecological research on the eco-systems of the Kalahari Desert, The Tswalu Foundation was established to help make more informed conservation management decisions on the property. Guests staying at Tswalu have the opportunity to accompany researchers studying fauna and flora and witness conservation in progress. This eco-lodge in South Africa is an ideal location to introduce children to the principles of conservation through a variety of fun and interactive activities offered at the lodge.   


eco-friendly swimming pool at Chobe Bakwena Lodge 

Eco-friendly swimming pool at Chobe Bakwena Lodge

2. Chobe Bakwena Eco Lodge, Botswana

Located in one of the world’s largest conservation areas, Bakwena Lodge has been built to tread lightly on the surrounding environment and maintain a low carbon footprint. The privately owned eco-lodge sits on the banks of the Chobe River and is one of our top recommended stays for eco-travelers traveling to Botswana with their family. The lodge’s eco-credentials include a natural swimming pool filtered entirely by plants – the perfect place for your children to cool down after a hot day in Botswana – they employ staff from nearby villages, source food and materials locally, implement several recycling projects and use solar energy. In their efforts to conserve water and electricity, the rooms feature fans as opposed to air conditioning and showers rather than bathtubs. Activities offered at the lodge encourage guests to explore on foot or by bicycle, whether it is visiting a local village or partaking in a walking safari, ‘green’ practices are at their core!    


mess tent at jack's camp

Mess tent at Jack’s Camp

3. Jack’s Camp, Botswana

Jack’s Camp made it onto our list for their ability to be the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, while adhering to ethical tourism practices. The authentic 1940’s style tented safari camp is located in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert and welcomes families traveling with children of all ages. The 10 tented suites at Jack’s Camp have been kitted out with indoor and outdoor showers in their efforts to minimize the camps use of natural resources as well as fans as opposed to air-conditioning.

*Please note that Jack’s Camp will be closed from 01 October 2019 to 30 April 2020.  


campfire at little makalolo

Campfire at Little Makalolo

4. Little Makalolo, Zimbabwe

Located in one of Zimbabwe’s most ecologically-diverse areas, Hwange National Park, lies eco-lodge Little Makalolo. The camp consists of 6 low-impact tented suites and ensures a lighter environmental footprint through the use of solar power. The camp implements water-saving initiatives and each tented suite features both indoor and outdoor showers as opposed to bathtubs. Little Makalolo is also an active participant in the conservation of Hwange’s wildlife through their partnership with conservation organizations such as the Scorpions Anti-Poaching Unit, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA).   


suite at sindabezi island lodge

Suite at Sindabezi Island Lodge

5. Sindabezi Island Lodge, Zambia

Sindabezi Island Lodge sits at the forefront of sustainable travel and accommodation in Zambia. This eco-lodge is located on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River and strives to minimize their noise pollution, carbon footprint and their impact on the local flora and fauna. Entirely solar powered, the lodge is completely off the grid – wastewater is pumped with solar energy, cooking is done with gas cookers and paraffin lamps are used as supplements. In addition, all room amenities and cleaning products used in the lodge are biodegradable and when it comes to food, the kitchen at Tongabezi is supplied with fresh, organic vegetables from its very own garden! Sindabezi Island Lodge is committed to supporting local businesses and communities in Zambia through ordering the bulk of their wood supplies from sustainable forests in the Copper belt near Ndola. And what about plastic? The lodge has their own Vivreau still and sparkling bottling system that is saving 20,000 plastic bottles and 2,000 tin cans a year.  


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