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Apr 7, 2020
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The role of a Family Travel Specialist

Planning your dream eco-friendly family vacation alongside a family travel specialist is by far the easiest route to go in this day and age. Although planning your African family trip may seem as easy as choosing a destination, booking your accommodation online, picking a flight and packing your bags, there are many advantages of having someone to guide your family before, during and after your trip to Africa. 

Catering to the responsible traveler, the team at Jumbari Family Safaris take pride in creating unique ethical itineraries for families traveling to Africa, from beach holidays and city breaks to wildlife safaris and cultural excursions. 

The logistics behind planning an ethical family safari in Africa can be challenging without insights into accredited eco-friendly lodges, activities and tours. Our team of Family Travel Specialists stay up to date with the latest developments in responsible travel and are clued up to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide peace of mind for the duration of your travels. The team has traveled extensively throughout the African continent and have the knowledge and contacts to ensure that your trip runs smoothly and is nothing short of amazing. 

We spoke to Lisa Nel, General Manager of Jumbari Family Safaris to better understand the logistics behind crafting customized ethical itineraries that resonate with each family’s specific needs and why the modern day family should collaborate with a Travel Specialist more than ever before. Here is what she had to say.  



Family safari experience in Chobe National Park, Botswana

Introducing Jumbari’s Family Travel Specialists 

As one of the only African travel companies catering exclusively to families, we do not believe in an off-the-shelf approach. Our Family Travel Specialists collaborate with each family to ensure that their trip is customized to suit every family member’s needs and travel requirements. 

Once a client has submitted an enquiry on our website, one of our skilled and knowledgeable consultants will be in touch to schedule a 30 – 60 minute consultation call within 24-48 hours. During this initial engagement, our consultants will gauge what the client’s needs and interests are, where they have traveled to in the past, and what kind of experiences they would like to tick off their African bucket list. 

The next step in the process entails our team to analyze the products in our eco-friendly portfolio to best match the client’s interests and budget. We take pride in sharing our expertise in Africa and setting client’s up in eco-friendly family lodges in our selected destinations, as well as organizing once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their trip that resonates with all age groups.

What really sets apart a holiday curated by a Family Specialist, (as opposed to doing it independently ) is the expert advice, local knowledge, industry contacts and exceptional customer care, before, during and after your travels. Our team has firsthand knowledge on where clients can get the best value for their money. From exclusive travel deals to family value-adds, our consultants are there to make sure you have an unforgettable experience in Africa at the best guaranteed price. 



Julie Graham, Inbound Sales Consultant at Jumbari Family Safaris

Our on-the-ground concierge team 

Once we receive the client’s go ahead, the team will start to make every single booking for the trip. We are a full service provider and can book your international flights, local transfers, family accommodation, meal reservations, tours, activities, concierge services – you name it.

Our on-the-ground concierge team, known as Customer Experience Coordinators, provide the next level of service to each trip. A dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator is assigned to each family  that travels with Jumbari, ensuring that every detail of each trip runs smoothly. 

Our Customer Experience Coordinators are available 24/7 throughout each client’s stay and are available to assist with whatever the client needs, from restaurant recommendations to visa requirements.



Exceptional family experiences in Africa

Experts in responsible family travel to Africa

Jumbari invests considerable effort and time in finding expert Family Travel Specialists who have a passion for ethical travel and multi-generational clientele.   

In addition to curating truly ethical trips for families, the team dedicates their time to uncover eco-friendly family products and experiences in our selected travel destinations. We conduct regular site visits and familiarization trips to ensure our product portfolio continues to meet our strict responsible tourism policy. 



Inquisitive lion cub


How do we earn money? 

Our product team spends valuable time negotiating the best rates possible from our service providers. We then offer this exclusive discounted rates to our clients and receive commission from our suppliers. Clients get the benefit of receiving agent specific deals and value adds, as well as access to our local expert insights, expertise and concierge services. In essence, it does not cost you more to book through a travel company as opposed to booking directly, in most cases it will cost you less. 

Why do we include a cancellation fee? 

There is a lot of time invested in planning and curating each trip and our Family Travel Experts  earn commission on each trip that they design. If a client cancels outside of our cancellation terms, we retain some funds for work already done. This is anything from 30% of the booking value. Client cancellations do not only affect our consultants, but also have a larger impact on the other teams involved in the logistics of creating our unique itineraries.


Want to find out more about Jumbari consultants and why you should plan your family vacation with a Family Travel Specialist? We are here to answer all of your questions. Schedule a complimentary consultation call with one of our expert consultants today to start brainstorming ideas for your 2021 family travels.