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Ourgoodbrands: How to make responsible choices on your family eco-safari

Ethical travel is a driving force in the tourism industry and world explorers are becoming increasingly aware of how their travel choices can impact the well-being of the environment, wildlife and people of their travel destination. Traveling with a purpose is of utmost importance to a responsible travel company, Jumbari Family Safaris. Their tailor-made eco-safaris connect travelers to Africa without putting a strain on the natural resources or wildlife of Africa’s unique destinations. Read more

Travel Weekly: Disney continues to inspire safari operators

Disney films continue to inspire safari operators across Africa, with packages recently hitting the market that are designed to appeal to fans of “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid.”. Read more

Ourgoodbrands: 5 reasons to take your children on a family safari in Africa

Often portrayed as an experience limited to honeymooners, adults and senior travellers, safaris are fast becoming a growing trend for family travel. From Africa’s diverse cultures to its legendary wildlife, a family safari in Africa is one of the most exciting and eye-opening travel experiences a child can have. With a few of Africa’s safari lodges now catering specifically for families in terms of accommodation and activities, it is now easier than ever to introduce your child to Africa with the help of family travel experts, Jumbari Family Safaris. Read more

The Travel Magazine: 5 eco-friendly safari holidays in Africa

Taking part in a safari experience in Africa is often placed high on the proverbial bucket list; the stunning landscapes, interesting array of wildlife and rich and varied cultures are just some of the reasons why. However, long-haul travel has a significant impact on our carbon footprint, and this is becoming an increasing concern for many travellers. Fortunately, it is still possible to minimise this by choosing to travel with an eco-friendly holiday company.  Read more

Drift Travel Magazine: A Conservation Safari inspired by The Lion King

Responsible travel company, Jumbari Family Safaris has launched a Lion King-inspired itinerary in an effort to help raise awareness around lion conservation in South Africa. Traveling with a purpose is of utmost importance to Jumbari Family Safaris and each safari crafted by their team of experts focuses on supporting responsible tourism practices including wildlife conservation programmes in Africa. Read more

Ourgoodbrands: Top 8 recommended Eco-Lodges in Africa by Jumbari Family Safaris

An African Safari is the quintessential travel dream for nature lovers – and staying at eco-friendly lodges makes the experience even more meaningful. Jumbari Family Safaris has listed the top 8 recommended Eco-Lodges in Africa, places to enjoy nature in style and in a respectful manner while you cross this dream trip off your bucket list! Read more

ROAM Family Travel: How to Safari Responsibly

Challenges can arise as a responsible traveler in a foreign country. Often, while on safari in Africa, problems occur simply because travelers lack knowledge of what it means to be a responsible traveler. Eco-safari company, Jumbari Family Safaris has helped families enjoy sustainable vacations in Africa for decades. Based on our clients’ experiences, we’ve created this concise guide to responsible tourism practices to ensure that your African safari has a positive impact on the people and places you visit. Read more

Ourgoodbrands: The impact of ecotourism and ethical itineraries with Jumbari Family Safaris

We interviewed the team of Jumbari, based in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s been really interesting to learn about all that is involved in ecotourism and their ethical itineraries, as well as their incredibly powerful impact by partnering up with like-minded organisations and businesses. And as much as we go through all the eco-responsible practices, we also cover those “not-so-responsible” ones that most of us would not be aware of… Without further ado, hope you enjoy this interview with Lisa Nel, General Manager of Jumbari Family Safaris. Read more

Luxury Travel Magazine: 5 Recommended Luxury Family Safari Lodges in Southern Africa

A time to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle, a family safari promises to reconnect you with your loved ones while exploring the natural wonders of Africa. Bid goodbye digital screens and television shows and say hello to a world where your children can come face to face with new destinations, cultures, people, food and wildlife. Jumbari Family Safaris believes that there is nothing quite as gratifying as seeing your child’s reaction to spotting their first lion or elephant on a game drive. Read more

Mail & Guardian: The Ethical Tourist

In 2012 the World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO) revealed that the number of international tourists had exceeded one billion and it expects that number to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. According to the Global Sustainability Dashboard, nearly half of the economic benefits derived from tourism comes from only 10 destinations. Read more

Mail & Guardian: 11-day Cape Town, winelands and responsible family safari with Jumbari Family Safaris

Responsible family safari company, Jumbari Family Safaris, invites you to explore the iconic city of Cape Town, the rolling valleys of the Cape Winelands and premier wildlife destination, Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, on their 11 day Cape Town, Winelands and Family Safari getaway. Read more

Mail & Guardian: The vegan tourist

There is tourism and then there is speciality tourism. The latter is increasingly growing in popularity around the world as travellers look to countries, agencies and itineraries that reflect their ethical and personal life choices. Read more

Travel Magazine: WIN a 5-night stay in South Africa for two with Jumbari Family Safaris worth £1,000

The prize includes two nights in the Gondwana Game Reserve and three nights at Knysna Hollow Country Estate. Read more

Eluxe Magazine: Win a 6 night trip to South Africa with Jumbari Family Safaris

The first of its kind, Jumbari Family Safaris is a responsible travel company specializing in multi-generational family travel throughout Africa. Read more

Eluxe Magazine: Best ethical travel experience

Jumbari classifies itself as an experiential travel company, using environmentally sensitive properties that give their guests the opportunity to connect with local communities, learn and partake in wildlife conservation, support philanthropic efforts and create a positive impact on Africa. Our judges chose this company for all of those reasons, but also because: “it’s great that this is a family-focused company. Children really are our future, and putting them in direct contact with nature like this may well inspire them to protect endangered species and habitats.” Read more

Style & Trashion: Best Ethical Travel Experience – Jumbari Family Safaris

Jumbari classifies itself as an experiential travel company and use environmentally sensitive properties, guests also have the opportunity to help create a positive impact on Africa. Read more

Drift Magazine: Jumbari Family Safaris set to open in March 2019

Jumbari Family Safaris is the latest venture from seasoned African travel experts, Ker & Downey® Africa. Set to service the family inbound travel industry, Jumbari strives to simplify the challenging process of booking a safari for the whole family. With over 49 years worth of expert travel advice, the Jumbari team, led by Managing Director Lisa Nel, strives to create exceptional African moments for families to ensure their trip is one they will never forget. Read more