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Mar 31, 2020
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Embark on a virtual safari with your family

Bringing Africa to your doorstep, photo credit | Giraffe Manor

While family travel may be off the cards for now, a virtual safari with your little ones is only a click away. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can now embark on an epic journey to Africa’s most beautiful destinations from the comfort of your own home. From the plains of the Serengeti to the rainforests of Madagascar, we’re here to keep you and your family inspired. Here are our top virtual safari experiences to enjoy while you’re at home.  


Safari inspiration at your fingertips

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Explore Africa’s family-friendly safari destinations with us and follow @jumbari on Instagram or Facebook. During the next few weeks, we will be serving up a daily dose of family travel inspiration from our top destinations to visit, live wildlife streams from the African bush and weekly interactive quizzes to our very own travel diaries and much, much more. 


Join a virtual safari from the comfort of your own home

Game drive through Kruger National Park with Lukimbi Safari Lodge

Tune into Lukimbi Safari Lodge’s Facebook Watch

Located in South Africa’s premier wildlife destination, the Kruger National Park, Lukimbi Safari Lodge gives you the opportunity to join their daily game drives and encounter Africa’s wildlife through videos of their safaris. Join the game drive >>

Tune into WildEarth’s Youtube channel

Introduce your little ones to Africa’s  Big 5 in real-time and tune into Wild Earth’s YouTube channel to experience LIVE wildlife streams from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, your family can join the team’s expert guides as they traverse Africa’s wilderness on morning and evening game drives. The first 45 minutes of each afternoon drive will be dedicated to young wildlife fans and parents can sign their little ones up here to enjoy a live and interactive safari experience with the team’s expert naturalists. Join the game drive >>


Binge-worthy documentary wildlife shows for the whole family

Documentary series to inspire your next African safari, Night on Earth and Serengeti

Night on earth – Available on Netflix

Don’t miss this extraordinary nature documentary series from the producers of Planet Earth II, Night on Earth. Narrated by Samira Wiley, the show uses ground-breaking technology to unveil the hidden lives of the world’s nocturnal creatures. Witness lions on the hunt on the African plains and rare black rhino’s emerging from the shadows to quench their thirst. Watch the trailer here

Serengeti – Available on BBC One

Immerse yourself in the lives of East Africa’s wildlife in BBC’s acclaimed series, Serengeti. Using innovative camera techniques such as stabilised camera systems and “Spy” cameras, Serengeti brings you closer to Africa’s wildlife than ever before, in the comfort of your own home. Catch a glimpse of this outstanding documentary here


African inspired movies for the kids

Scene from Disney’s The Lion King, 2019

The Lion King

The Lion King needs no introduction. This timeless classic is the perfect movie to keep the kids busy while they learn more about Africa wildlife and life in the Serengeti. Witness Disney’s iconic film come to life on our 8 day Lion King Adventure to Kenya to inspire your 2021 family safari


Madagascar is a light-hearted movie that tells the story of four zoo animals that escape and find themselves in Madagascar. A fun-filled watch for all ages!


African inspired classic films for mom and dad

Watch African-inspired classic films Out of Africa and Born Free

Out of Africa – Starring Meryl Streep

This romantic drama starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford is an all-time classic set in Kenya Great Rift Valley. Out of Africa won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. This film will ignite your love for East Africa!

Born Free – Starring Virginia McKenna

A heart-warming film about a real-life couple who raised Elsa the Lioness, an orphaned lion cub, to adulthood and reintroduced her to the wilderness of Kenya. The film won an Academy Award for Best Original Music.



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